Completely finished apartments

2019 / 02 / 08

In the first buildings of Magdelēnas kvartāls, all apartments are being sold with fully finished interiors.

What does this mean? It means oak parquet flooring has been laid, massive wooden doors confining noise to individual rooms have been installed, and fitted with a white MDF finish, walls have been painted in a neutral tone (ready to accommodate practically any design), the bathrooms have been fully tiled and fitted with name-brand plumbing, custom-designed furniture, and the switches and power sockets are ready to use. What do our aspiring residents get? A beautiful apartment, to say the least. Moving in will be quick and effortless, since you won’t need to spend time planning and organising major construction (all that remains to be done is installing a kitchen and adding furniture), high-quality finishing materials that would cost a lot more for small-batch buyers. You will enjoy peace and quiet with a clean stairwell — you won’t have to worry about there being loud, protracted repairs next door or dirty footprints on the stairs.

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