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2016 / 01 / 13

Idea competition for new residential building in Magdelēnas kvartāls completed

On December 22, 2015, Vastint Latvia SIA completed its architectural design competition for the construction of a new multi-story residential building at Strēlnieku Street 4C in Rīga, which it organised in partnership with the Latvian Association of Architects. The purpose was to find a partner for the further technical design and procurement documentation for the plot of land that is 0.0284 ha large in the Magdelēna’s Quarter.

The jury for the competition included independent experts, as well as representatives from Vastint, the Latvian Association of Architects and the Rīga City Architectural Bureau, and it voted to award one first prize and two second prizes.

The first prize, worth EUR 3,000, was received by the authors of the STR 005 proposal – the AB3D architectural firm, as represented by Juris Mitenbergs, Pēteris Spuriņš, Guna Priede and Marta Kultāne.

The second prize, worth EUR 1,500, was received by the authors of the ZSV 016 proposal – the MADE Arhitekti company, as represented by Miķelis Putrāms, Linda Krūmiņa, Liene Šiliņa and architectural students Reinis Pakulis and Betija Balode, as well as by the author of the FPC 100 proposal, Jānis Zirnis.

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