Construction of Phase 2 Office Buildings of Magdelēnas kvartāls Has Been Commenced

2023 / 02 / 06

The architects’ vision for the Phase 2 office buildings of Magdelēnas kvartāls has been approved and can be seen in the first visualisations.


The project continues with the construction of 2 modern office buildings – Antonijas 17 and Antonijas 21, complementing the quarter with modern business environment premises and extending the landscaped outdoor space of Riga city centre.

A design for 2 office buildings has been developed for Phase 2 of Magdelēnas kvartāls. In Antonijas 17, it is planned to build 3900 m2 of office space on 6 floors and 210 m2 of commercial space on the ground floor. In Antonijas 21, there will be 5570 m2 of office space on the 2nd–6th floors, 550 m2 of commercial space and a grocery store of 460 m2 on the ground floor.



The functional layouts of the office floors will allow tenants to choose the space and layouts that suit their needs and business specifics. The ground floors of the buildings will be dedicated to commercial space, restaurants and a grocery store.

Pile foundation work has been underway since January and will continue until the summer. The construction of utility connections has started and will continue in the spring. It is planned to start the assembly of the reinforced concrete frame in the summer.

The new office buildings will develop the quarter and the surrounding environment of Riga city centre, complementing it with modern and inclusive architecture and functional outdoor space for the city’s residents. Between the residential and office buildings of Magdelēnas kvartāls, a spacious environment will be created with a square that will connect the surrounding streets, making this part of Riga’s centre particularly convenient for pedestrians.

The architecture of Phase 2 is designed to further separate the residential buildings of Phase 1 from the road, giving additional privacy to the apartments.

Your city is growing and we are growing along with it!

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